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Our Christmas Meat Selection

This year, we have a fantastic selection of products to make your festive celebrations truly special. Our commitment to quality and sustainability remains unwavering.


Let’s talk turkey! Our Free Range Bronze Turkeys come from Walters Turkeys, a family-run business with over 50 years of experience. These turkeys roam the beautiful Berkshire Downs, resulting in rich and flavourful birds with beautiful bronze feathers.

Chicken and Duck

For chicken and ducks, we turn to Otter Valley Poultry, a family-run farm situated along the picturesque river Otter in East Devon. They’ve been providing us with the finest free-range and organic poultry for over 40 years.

Beef and Lamb

When it comes to beef and lamb, we rely on Fowler Brothers Brook Farm in Essex. Our beef is grass-fed and travels just a few miles from field to butcher, ensuring the freshest quality. Our lambs are raised on lush rolling hillsides, resulting in a distinctive fresh, sweet, and succulent taste.


Our pork is sourced from Blythburgh, Suffolk’s heritage coast. Born in straw-filled farrowing huts, Blythburgh pigs enjoy a true free-range life, resulting in pork with rich marbling synonymous with native, slower-growing breeds.


Pheasants are a delicacy sourced directly from Scotland, specifically from the stunning Craigadam House Estate. Nestled among rolling hills, Craigadam Country House Estate provides us with exquisite pheasants for your festive table.

Ham and Gammon

Our Hams and Gammons are supplied by the Rare Bred Meat Company, a family-run business in Essex. These products proudly bear the RSPCA Freedom Food banner and are available in both smoked and unsmoked varieties.
And don’t forget about our sausages, which are completely additive-free, including our delicious cocktails and pigs in blankets.
Lastly, our bacon offerings include Dri-cure Streaky and Back bacon, available in both smoked and unsmoked options.

We can’t wait to be a part of your Christmas celebrations this year. Place your orders and let’s make it a Christmas to remember!

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